3 comments on “Not Enough Hours

  1. You’re right, the colours are stunning – absolutely stunning (you didn’t augment them?). I can’t get my screen to zoom the way it did before, but fom the clutter of rock debris below it looks to me as though your arch was once more solid, I wonder when it broke? It’d also have made a wonderful “Through” contestant:)

    • I had to put some fill light on the shadow side of the arch, as it was pretty much in silhouette (which I also liked, but this time I wanted the shot to be all about colour), but other than that I actually had to correct what my camera and Lightroom thought were the right colours, because those two kept insisting the landscape just HAD to be more grey. I was there in autumn last year, and honestly, this is how I remember the place being. I’ve never seen sky so blue in my life, or rock that glows so red.

      I was reading about your “Arranged” project today (and your adorable dogs!) and I saw you mentioned “Through”, and I was wondering, where do you get these projects from? They do sound interesting. I’m very new to wordpress, so I’m probably missing something really obvious.

      • I’m new too, and not quite up to scratch on the tech stuff and I’ve forgotten how I managed to do it BUT you subscribe to the daily post http://dailypost.wordpress.com/
        and it’s got all sorts of ideas and inspirations, including the weekly photo challenge. You should give it a try, it’s a good exercise in itself, especially when you set up each week’s challenge and shoot especially for it, which I think is what one’s supposed to do, after re-reading the challenge again, for the umpteenth time today:) By the way – the colours are fantastic – desert skies, that iron-infused rock – magnificent:)

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