9 comments on “Inspirations

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  2. Photography is capturing our heart’s passion. To find something beeautiful in all things and people. From you pictures, looks like you found that passion and the inspiration of your images. Beautiful photos with lots of fun and adventures…Thanks.

  3. Lovely post. The family thing of always having cameras around and taking photos is what made me take photographs. I was blessed with a Brownie Box camera from my Nan which I then passed on to my younger brother, when I was given a Kodak Instamatic.

    Recently I’ve been able to repeat the favour, buying a cheap digital camera for my nine-year-old nephew who seemed to be interested in photography. Apparently he takes it everywhere. That news gives me a lot of pleasure.

    Love the photo of the horse and cart. And you’re right about technically correct photos. Remember what Henri Cartier-Bresson said: “Sharpness is a bourgeois concept.” or was it someone else?

    • I love that your nephew has taken up the baton. I hope to do similar if there’s ever a small child in my vicinity who takes an interest.

      I’m not sure if it was Cartier-Bresson or not, but that’s certainly an attitude I can subscribe to. I rarely carry a tripod and shoot more from feel than planning most of the time. My photography books tell me I’m terrible, but it’s what I enjoy!

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